United We Rise Podcast: KaySoul

KaySoul presents United We Rise Podcast Nr. 019

How did Covid-19 pandemic changed your artist life?
This pandemic changed my artist life by not allowing me to reconnect with my musical friends and also not giving me the chance to connect with the audience on the dance floor.
It made us as artists to perform on virtual performances. It made me to come up with ways to keep the music going.

Where did you record this mix and how did you feel?
I recorded this mix at home in my bedroom studio and I did many takes of the recordings because I was not happy with the other takes. This recorded take is the one I am happy with. I felt like exploring with different styles of electronic music on this podcast. I was going with the mood in each song.

Where did you record this mix and how did you feel?
The first thing I will do is to hangout with my friends and try to reconnect with each other because we lost touch. Secondly, I will visit my favorite spots and gearing up for the DJ life, getting ready to play shows and continue where we left off.

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