Deep Passion #22 – Deeleegenz

Originally from Brussels, Belgium, growing up in a musical family, Deeleegenz learned the basics of drum programming with his father on an Atari ST computer. The passion for music production followed him ever since. While eclectic in his musical taste, it is house music that became one of his personal favorites. Filling his home studio by collecting hardware synths and loading his hard drives with new music, Deeleegenz has acquired a pretty good production experience. Since then he is composing mood-lifting house tracks, which led him to put out several solo and collaborative releases on established, and underground house music labels.

His latest 2 EP’s on Heat Up Music and House Cookin’, and his recent contribution to Inhale Exhale inex010 double 12’” vinyl have received a great support from the underground deep house community.

Listening to the bursting, infectious grooves from Deeleegenz bring up emotive memories influenced by old school hip-hop & house, via Funk, Soul, Jazz and Afro Latin music.

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