KaySoul mixtape for Kaltblut Magazine

Johannesburg-based DJ and producer KaySoul puts together a bop-worthy mix for our weekly series. “This is a potent mix of House, Deep House, Funk and Soulful House and the intro track to the mix is a remix I wrote last year in October for Dark Art,” KaySoul explains on the selection made. “I went through the collection of my music which is mixed with old and new favourite records I really enjoy at the moment. The selection process for this mix started by gathering tracks that are on the same feel in terms of mood, soul and energy to come up with a flowing track selection. This mix was designed to take you on a spiritual journey. For your soul, body and mind.” Keep your eye out for KaySoul this year as he’ll be performing in Cape Town this April followed by more releases later in the year. (c) Kaltblut Magazine

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