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KaySoul burst into the local dance music scene in 2018 having slowly built up his rep by consistently releasing innovative remixes and compositions. His tireless work and brilliant display of his talent landed him wins at the Dance Music Awards South Africa, where he was crowned The Best Male DJ and he also got the Best Remix Award for his groundbreaking interpretation of Hans Seance’s record — Elanora.

After firmly positioning himself as one of the next go-to talents for hits, great timeless records and a different approach to DJing dance music, KaySoul has not paused his rise for glory as he is still adding more weight to his name by delivering stellar music and showcasing his strength of production. With a unique sound that doesn’t bind him to any convention, he is undoubtedly going to be a mainstay in the African dance music industry.

We caught up with him ahead of the releases of his ‘The Prosimians‘ EP released through respected German label — Tooman Records — to get to know him better, get a sense where his head is at and get some insights on his career in music. Check it out below.



Your name, brand and talent was properly seen and felt in 2018. The industry really got to know who you are through your various releases and your Dance Music Awards South Africa win. And a lot of us in the culture knew or heard of your music, but we never really had a back story as to who you are as an artist. Please take us back to how it all started for you and what sparked your love for music?
I am Katleho Matseke known by my stage name KaySoul and I was born and raised in Kwa-Thema in the East Rand of Johannesburg. My love for dance music started back in 2006 when I was in Grade 7, I used to listen to lots of radio and collected various compilations which were put together by the likes of Vinny Da Vinci, Glen Lewis, Oskido, DJ Ganyani, Soul Candi discs to name a few.

I told myself that one day I am also going to create what I keep listening to on the radio and in the year 2010 I got introduced by a friend of mine to the music making software which was Fruity Loops and I suddenly started to teach myself how to create beats and I fell in love with it till today.

What were some of your influences that helped shape the KaySoul that we have come to know in the music game today?
I draw a lot of inspiration from Larry Heard, a DJ/record producer from Memphis, USA and I got influenced by listening to various radio shows and surrounding myself with creative individuals, and also by listening to different artists interviews, they helped shaped the person I am today.

You are from a region in the Johannesburg area that is responsible for a lot of the local innovations in culture, entertainment and art – the East Rand. There is a certain level of excellence when it comes to the arts in the East Rand. What can you say about the music scene in the East?
The music scene in the East Rand is growing and there are a lot of creative artists who are putting their art out there to be heard. There are a lot of events which are happening in the East Rand and they push and celebrate the culture of dance music.

The KaySoul sound is very rich, layered and hard-hitting. What or who inspires your sound? Where do you pull your stylistic influences from?
Larry Heard inspires my sound signature. I pull my stylistic influences by listening to different Deep House artists from SoundCloud.

You’re gearing up to release ‘The Prosimians EP’ through Berlin based label, Tooman Records. How did the project come about and how did the Tooman Records connect happen?
The project “The Prosimians EP” came about in 2015 when I was studying Anthropology at the University of Johannesburg where I got inspired when I read about the Prosimians chapter which are a group of primates that includes Lemurs and Tarsiers. I liked the sound they made and the track titled “The Prosimians (Original Mix)” has a Lemurs voice sound.
In 2017 I asked Dark Art, a friend of mine to do a remix for me and in 2018 I reached out to Tooman Records via email, sending them The Prosimians EP demo and they liked the vibe on it and decided to license the project with them for release.

What do you feel you are bringing to African dance music currently?
I am bringing my unique self to the African Dance Music.

What else can we expect from you? More music? Gigs?
I have another forthcoming 4 tracker EP titled “Venice” which includes 3 remixes from a USA, Thailand and Greece producers. The Venice EP is coming out in April 2019 on Society 3.0 Recordings (Germany) and I also have two remixes I did, one for Michael Oberling from USA which will be released on vinyl and another one for Babies Kotsanis from Greece. I have a few gigs lined up as well.

In conclusion, what do you hope to achieve with your music?
In conclusion, I hope to inspire people with my music and to heal them when they are listening to my music. I want to achieve collaborations with many artists so that I open different territories.

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