Deep Passion #8 – Abilaan

Abilaan is a house music DJ, producer, label owner and event organizer born in Germany. At a young age (8) he moved to Baghdad, Iraq. Growing up there was a unique experience for him. He got to know his Middle Eastern roots. At the age of 15 years he moved to The Netherlands. There he got in touch with electronic music. After a long journey of musical exploration, Abilaan found his home in house music with warm and jazzy sounds.

In 2017 he moved to Berlin to pursue his dream and started his own label “Being All Here Records”. He also started a concept called “Berlin House Music” with the intention of representing the Underground House music scene of Berlin. Next to podcasts, chats and free downloads, Abilaan focuses on organizing his new event series: Relationshop at Loftus Hall in Berlin. There he tries to get his hero’s to play and also provide a stage for upcoming talent.

The idea behind the music Abilaan makes is to share a moment with the listener. “It’s like creating the circumstance for your mind to go places, not by thinking but being, and the very thought of being able to communicate a certain feeling with music opens a lot of opportunities for expression”.

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