Quadrakey’s interview for Sakatrak

First of all, How and when (in which circumstances) Tooman Records has been created?
We’ve been house DJs (Quadrakey) for many years and have been thinking about launching a vinyl label for a while, but we knew it wasn’t something you rush into. We started in 2015 and it felt like it was the right time for it.

What was the main goal at its creation?
The main idea was to put out good music. We didn’t really have a plan at the beginning, just some ideas and we were curious to see if they could work. We wanted an organic growth and see how things evolve in a natural way.

How can you describe the label’s style?
We focus on good underground house music, on the soul of the track and its good vibes only. House music with a deep passion.

What do you do precisely within the label?
We do a lot of things! We are responsible of the whole organisation, managing all A&R’s relationships, listening to all demos, signing artist contracts, working on release schedule, product management, organising the manufacture, marketing…etc

Why did you named it Tooman records?
The name “Tooman” means fog in Russian. It was chosen because of our mutual love for clouds that « touch the ground ».

Which artists would you like to sign on the label?
The name does not matter. We always look for the package of talent plus strong and great personality. We just love finding interesting artists with whom we can build a relationship. If someone is authentic, his tracks have some originality, if they are unique or timeless – only then the artist can be signed.

What are the upcoming releases on the label? News?
We have exciting upcoming releases, after the second part of our new VA series „Lovely 5“ we will release an EP from newly signed talent Replika. We have lot of exciting news planned, just keep checking and watching our social media for updates 😉

When is the next Tooman records party?
We’re currently working on our next « Label Nights » in Berlin coming up this spring and summer. We hope pretty soon.

The last track discovery you made?
There’re so many great tracks we’ve discovered last time. We maybe gonna go for Guri – Everything I do (Sub_Urban) and Lorenz Rhode – Xpandau (Dirt Crew).

Interview by Ilena Bakhtaoui.
Original: http://www.sakatrak.fr/2018/01/26/tooman-records-house-music-with-a-deep-passion/

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