In 2005 Moritz Heppner and Niko Reif met in the mastering studio of the highly commercial music company ZYX Music deep in the mid-German countryside. Back then Niko was working as a freelancing sound engineer while Moritz was doing an internship. Their jobs there should not last for long, but they should be laying ground for a fruitful musical collaboration. Niko being a sound enthusiast and lover of dub and hip hop and Moritz a musician and club music digger of the first hour, it did not take long until they ended up creating dubby and decelerated kind of house tracks and calling themselves Monosoul.

In 2009 Moritz moved to Berlin and established connection to a small and intimate local deep house scene. In particular he met Johannes Albert, who eventually signed off the first ever Monosoul release “Ignore The Traffic Lights” for his label Frank Music in 2011. A continuous collaboration between Moritz and Johannes as “Johannes Albert & Monosoul” had started in parallel. Since then a good hand full of Monosoul productions have been released, some of them done by Moritz alone, some by Niko and Moritz together, as they still meet every once in a while in Niko’s studio in Heidelberg, whenever time allows. Their self-released EPs “The Dubs I & II” are dedicated to their early works from the late noughties. The “Early Bird EP“ has been released on Tooman Records in April 2016.

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